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Northside Commercial Corridor Projects

We are working with community partners to develop projects focused on clean water investment in Near North Minneapolis neighborhoods. We partnered with Harrison Neighborhood Association to recruit three businesses, Venture North Bike Shop, Ripley Gardens apartments, and KNOCK Inc., to install raingardens, permeable pavement, boulevard bioswales and pollinator habitat in 2019. Engagement with these businesses…  Read More

Northeast Minneapolis Commercial Corridor

This revitalization project brought clean water projects and native habitat to businesses and organizations on Central Avenue and nearby. The projects were on small, urban, almost completely impervious sites, so we got creative in our use of raingardens, permeable pavement, bee lawn boulevards, native prairie, native plantings and a green roof (our first). We worked…  Read More

Great Streets Commercial Corridors

Metro Blooms worked with community organizations and business owners to promote and design stormwater management features at commercial sites at 38th and Chicago, 38th and Bloomington, and along the Central Avenue and Glenwood corridors to beautify the corridor, reduce crime, and manage stormwater. Through Clean Water Fund and Hennepin County grants in partnership with Mississippi…  Read More


Who We Are Metro Blooms is a nonprofit that partners with communities, property owners, organizations and local governments to create resilient landscapes and clean watersheds, embracing the values of equity, empowerment and inclusion to solve environmental challenges.


[caption id="attachment_77072" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Rich Harrison, co-director of landscape design, on a consult[/caption] General Consultations Do you want to make changes in your yard? We can help you get started. We offer one-hour consultations, either in person (onsite) or online through Zoom. One of our designers will tour your property with you, answering questions and…

Design & Install

Design Services Our ecologically-centered design services are available to help you create a resilient landscape. We start all of our designs with an onsite consultation with one of our qualified designers to better understand and personalize your design needs. Our staff includes trained landscape designers and landscape architects experienced in creating a design that fits…

Wrapping Up 2018 with a Great Big Thanks

Thank you, friends. Thank you for taking action this year to restore the ecological function of our yards and neighborhoods, whether you were attending our workshops, volunteering your time with us, engaging us to come and work in your yard or on the property where you live, or asking us to join with your organization…  Read More

Metro Blooms at the One Water Summit

(Caption: Some people bring their best game faces to important events. Community Engagement Manager Kimberly Carpenter brought Metro Blooms’ best flower faces. Photo courtesy of Hennepin County Extension). Metro Blooms had 15 minutes of fame recently when its clean water work in the Harrison Neighborhood in Minneapolis was featured on a bus tour of innovative…  Read More

Metro Blooms: Seeking Environmental Justice in the Harrison Neighborhood

If Metro Blooms were a vehicle (green energy-powered, of course), the community would be the driver. The destination is always the same: clean water, habitat and a more beautiful environment. But it is a community’s residents, businesses and local institutions that decide how the journey is taken. As a non-profit that specializes in ecological landscaping,…  Read More

A Year In Summary – 2016

The end of a year naturally brings about a desire to reflect on what we as an organization have achieved, what’s made us pound our heads on our desks, and what’s inspired our passion to continue the work that we do. What I find myself wondering most is “when will our next batch of Christmas…  Read More

A Year in Summary

As I began thinking about a summary of our year at Metro Blooms, I started thinking about what excites me the most about my job.  At Metro Blooms, we couple field work with a big focus on education and community engagement.  This past year we were able to work on projects with some really amazing…  Read More

2014 Triumphs And Lessons Learned

Wow.  I know I said last year was busy, but 2014 was so busy we hardly had time to blog about, well, anything.  Over the last 12 months we’ve worked with some amazing partners to install 96 raingardens, 6 bisowales, 1 trench drain, and 4 permeable pavement systems.  We’ve held 7 corporate volunteer events, educated 430 citizens…  Read More