Best Pollinator Raingarden 2015

Carol Wahl 

Kenny Neighborhood

Carol Wahl, Awardee of Metro Blooms Best Pollinator Raingarden, has been gardening since she moved to Minneapolis 10 years ago.  At that time, her yard was filled with rocks and very overgrown.  It took 3 years to clear the rocks and unwanted weeds to get a base for gardening.

Recently, she realized she had a low, problematic area on the North side that flooded and froze over.  A perfect spot for a raingarden!  With the help of Metro Blooms, Blazing Star Gardens, and friends, a raingarden was created from the house downspouts to the sidewalk.  Now full of grasses, pollinators, and butterfly-loving perennials, the rain garden is mature enough to create plenty of interest in the neighborhood.  Flooding and freezing were replaced by beauty and a strong ecology.  Plant thinnings were shared with neighbors who became interested in her results and wanted to create their own gardens.

Carol has found gardening to be a great form of exercise and stress relief as well as an opportunity to share bees, butterflies and outdoor time and conversation with neighbors.