What is a Metro Blooms Blue Thumb Partner

Blue Thumb – Planting for Clean Water® is a collaboration of public and private sector partners including local governmental units (watershed districts, conservation districts, cities and counties), environmental non-profit organizations, nurseries, landscape design and contract professionals and suppliers. Blue Thumb partners share a commitment to beautiful, ecologically functional landscapes – planting for clean water and pollinators!

Metro Blooms and Blue Thumb Transfer

On May 27, 2015, the RCWD Board of Managers approved the Blue Thumb transfer agreement. The agreement begins with a two-year license period under which Metro Blooms will operate and manage the Blue Thumb partnership. We are excited about all of the possibilities this collaboration holds and hope you will join us in continuing to shape Blue Thumb moving forward.

 2017 Benefits of Being a Metro Blooms Blue Thumb Partner

Partners benefits include:

  • Membership in a robust and diverse partner network of 40+ like-minded organizations and professionals, including local government units (cities, counties, and watershed organizations), nonprofit organizations, and private sector landscape designers, contractors and native plant nurseries
  • A creditable and well-recognized brand to strengthen messaging and impacts as well as to add a level of professionalism and a shared vision for this work.
  • Website referral to trusted resources: a One-Stop-Shop approach to encourage public participation and reduce barriers to action. Partners will have a website presence and link to their homepage.
  • Media presence – to build awareness about problems of runoff and benefits of raingardens, shoreline plantings, and native plants for clean water and healthy environment (traditional and print media, as well as online and social media).

Become A Partner Today!

To become a Blue Thumb partner or continue your partnership, you must agree to the terms in the partner agreement and submit your signed agreement and partner dues here: For more information please review the 2017 Partners’ Agreement Form and sign up online by following the preceding link.