• Community Engagement

    We engage with communities to co-create opportunities for resilient landscapes.

    Our commitment to equity

  • Consultations

    Learn more below. We’ve finished onsite consultations for the season, but will be back next spring!

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  • Blue Thumb Workshops

    Look out for our 2022 workshop schedule on making your yard more resilient in February!

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  • Our Capital Campaign

    Your investment means we have more resources to support the communities we partner with. Thanks! Artist: Ava Barry

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  • Neighborhood of Raingardens

    Cities and neighborhoods can make it easier and less expensive for residents to get a raingarden

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  • Building Community Capacity within Affordable Housing

    Resident-centered design involves the community in decision-making and stewardship, benefiting those most impacted.

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Reimagine Your Yard

Consultation, Design and Install

In this video, designer Mike Morrison walks us through a landscape renovation he designed for an urban lot, replacing lawn and shrubs with native plantings that include a raingarden, winding rock wall and salt-tolerant plants in a boulevard garden.

Projects like this start with a consultation. Metro Blooms has consultations on hold for the winter right now — BUT you can sign up to be notified when we start scheduling them next spring:

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Apply for a Lawns to Legumes Grant

Get some help to create pollinator in your yard. Apply for up to $300 in cost-share funding for projects including pocket plantings, pollinator lawns and meadows and pollinator-friendly trees and shrubs. The deadline for applying is Feb. 15. Grantees will be notified in March. Apply through our Blue Thumb program:

Lawns to Legumes Application


We want to keep our workplace, staff and others who we interact with as safe as possible. For more information on how we have modified our work, click below.

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“What We Do”

A live recording in our backyard, featuring Nunnabove and the Hypoxic Punks. “What We Do” is by Tim Gustafson.


Volunteer With Us

Get involved! We could use your help at community planting events and in other ways. Go to the page below where you can sign up to learn about future opportunities.


Image: City of Minneapolis

Free Salt Mini-Course

Be winter-ready and help keep our waterways clean! Learn best practices for using salt on roads and sidewalks. It’s easy! Do it on the City of Minneapolis website:

Salt Mini-Course

Metro Blooms

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with communities to create resilient landscapes and foster clean watersheds, embracing the values of equity and inclusion to solve environmental challenges. View our 2020 annual report.

We are conducting a capital campaign to raise $400,000 for our new home. Learn more.

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Blue Thumb

Metro Blooms is proud to coordinate the Blue Thumb program, a partnership promoting ecologically sustainable landscapes that reduce runoff, improve water quality and protect pollinators.

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Blue Thumb webinars for do-it-yourselfers! Look out for our spring schedule in February!

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In-person or virtual visit with a landscape designer for your property. This may be a first step to a design. (Note: in-person consults are on winter hiatus and will return in spring 2022.)

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Equitable Engagement

Metro Blooms helps community stakeholders to be meaningfully involved in participatory clean water and green infrastructure projects that promote equity and environmental justice.

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Landscape Maintenance

We offer onsite maintenance services to keep your stormwater management practices functioning and beautiful.

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