COVID-19 and Metro Blooms

The health and safety of the community and our staff has been utmost in our minds as we have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope this page is helpful in explaining our operational changes. We will continue to update this page as we keep current with developments.

General Operations

Our physical office is closed to the public at this time. However, our staff are continuing to work their regular hours remotely. As always, we can be reached by telephone and email.

Mutual Aid Resources

Now, more than ever, we need our community(ies). And people want to help. We’ve compiled a list of  several mutual aid resources that provide help at this moment. Click to see the list.

Masks: All staff are required to wear masks while working, whether in the field, at site consultations, or in-person meetings, whether outdoors or inside.


Blue Thumb Lawns to Legumes Workshops

We are offering our annual resilient yards workshops as webinars rather than as in-person workshops. The webinars happen in real time on the Zoom platform, allowing for interaction among the presenters and attendees. Learn more.

Site Consultations

We offer both in-person and virtual consultations of your property. The consults are one-hour long. We provide the virtual consult on the Zoom platform at a reduced fee ($75 rather than $125).  Learn more.

Safe Outdoor Work Policy

The State of Minnesota has implemented comprehensive measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are following developments carefully as they apply to the green industry sector. We have implemented protocols to protect our staff and the public during our outdoor work.

Brief overview of safe outdoor practices for crew:

  • Crew members will take temperature at home before leaving for work.
  • Crew members can work as long as they are not showing any COVID-19 symptoms; there are no penalties for crew members who decline to work outdoors.
  • Best social distancing practice is for employees to arrive at job sites in their own vehicle, or as solo driver of Metro Blooms truck.
  • Crew members do not share equipment, as much as is logistically possible.
  • Personal protective equipment and washing/sanitizing stations will be provided by Metro Blooms to crew members. Crew members wear masks when working in close proximity to one another.
  • Crew members must follow the CDC guidelines of at least a 6’ space between themselves and other people at all times, 10’ when possible.
  • Landcare manager and crew leader communicate COVID-19 safety policies daily to the crew.

When our designers visit properties, they will follow these safe practices:

  • If the client comes outside during the site visit, the designer will provide the client with direction on following social distancing guidelines.
  • The designer will request maintaining a minimum of 10’ between designer and client.
  • The designer will wear a mask and should feel comfortable taking other personal safety precautions.
  • The designer will be prepared to take measurements without the help of the client, i.e., holding the end of the tape measure.
  • If clients do not follow social distancing guidelines, the designer should feel comfortable stating the need to leave.

More details on Metro Blooms Workplace Policies: COVID‐19.