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***Please note, onsite consultations are difficult to impossible to perform in winter conditions. They will be available again in the spring. To be notified as soon as scheduling is open, please fill out the form below.***





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What’s going on in your yard? What are you happy with? What would you like to improve? Metro Blooms Landscape Designers can talk with you about your property; what it is now, what you’d like it to become, and help plan the steps needed to get there. They are trained with an eye towards stormwater management and ecological landscaping.

An Onsite Consultation lasts one hour, during which time one of our trained Landscape Designers will walk through your property, answer any questions, take any necessary measurements, and brainstorm ideas. We can help identify landscape and stormwater problems, and also discuss native plants, turf alternatives, raingardens, permeable pavement, runoff conveyance and other stormwater management projects.  This is the first step if you’d like a garden design, comprehensive landscape plan, or stormwater plan.

Onsite Consultations can also be used to provide feedback or oversight during the design or installation of a sustainable landscaping project, or to talk about maintenance of finished projects. We consult on urban and suburban properties, and also work with homeowner associations, commercial properties, churches, and schools.



Please note, onsite consultations are difficult to impossible in winter conditions. They will be available again in the spring.

It may take up to two weeks to assign a designer to conduct your onsite consultation. You will be receiving an email confirmation once an appointment time has been confirmed.


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