Blooming Alleys for Clean Water

Metro Blooms is working with neighbors along alleyways to create pedestrian-friendly community spaces that provide habitat and protect water quality. Alleyways are often unattractive and carry thousands of gallons of water—and the pollution it picks up—to storm drains every year. This project helps solve these challenges by:

1) Working with community members to design and install visually appealing practices such as raingardens, pervious pavement, and native plantings to reduce the amount of runoff and pollution that would otherwise flow down the alley and into storm drains.

2) Transforming alleyways into habitat corridors that attract pollinators.

3) Engaging neighbors in the design of their backyard and driveway and working with them to create one cohesive look while addressing individual site challenges.

The first Blooming Alley was installed in 2014.  Since then, we’ve installed more than 20 Blooming Alleys throughout Minneapolis and one in St. Paul. If you would like to start a Blooming Alley project on your block, let us know by using the form below.

Check out our project profiles for specific locations, or our photo gallery to see what your alley could look like!

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