Raingarden Workshops

Unseasonably warm weather, long droughts and flooding rains are the new normal for spring and summer in Minnesota. Learn how your yard can adapt to and even help mitigate threats posed by these extreme weather events.

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Neighborhood Engagement

Metro Blooms is installing raingardens in a neighborhood near you! In partnership with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota (CCM), neighborhood, and local government organizations we have built more than a 1,000 raingardens and other stormwater best management practices throughout 23 neighborhoods in the metro area as part of our community engagement programs.


Neighborhood of Raingardens

Our Neighborhood of Raingardens projects began in 2009 to support large-scale community participation in the installation of raingardens, and to build awareness of raingardens and the landscape choices every property owner can make in their yard to protect our clean water.

Typically, these projects are a cost share between a neighborhood organization and property owners. Participants attend a Raingarden Workshop, Metro Blooms completes a site consultation and raingarden design, and then we work with the Conservation Corps to excavate, haul away soil, and mulch the gardens. We order the plants from one of our nursery partners and participants plant their own garden according to their design. Through this unique process, citizens play a vital role in protecting water quality, creating habitat, beautifying their neighborhood, and building a stronger community.


Start a Project

If you are interested in joining an ongoing project or starting a Neighborhood of Raingardens, Blooming Alley, Blooming Boulevard or other neighborhood engagement projects, please contact us using the form below.

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Your donation is an investment in the future of our shared legacy, and will help us improve the health of our urban landscapes.

If you love gardens, clean watersheds and working with your community, join hundreds of others and enjoy the fun!

Metro Blooms Blue Thumb program is a public-private partnership promoting the use of native plants, raingardens and shoreline stabilization to improve water quality.