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“Raingarden Refresh” for Neighborhood of Raingardens 2021

Last summer was the first time we did a Neighborhood of Raingardens program in one community with a major focus on maintenance. The Sheridan Neighborhood Association in Minneapolis wanted to provide previous participants with guidance on caring for their raingardens. So we offered a “raingarden refresh” program. During a one-and-a-half-hour visit, we checked a participant’s…

Sponsor Spotlight: West Monroe and Developing Future Leaders

Developing the next generation of leaders is part of West Monroe’s mission, and it’s one reason the digital and business consulting firm supports Metro Blooms’ Sustainable Landcare Training program to develop a skilled green infrastructure workforce for the future. West Monroe works to deliver digital solutions in diverse fields, from helping a healthcare system establish…

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All Nations Church: Planting Seeds of Stewardship

Bendu Kollie wants to learn as much as she can about the plants growing in her church’s raingarden. Her church community, All Nations Seventh-Day Adventist Church, planted it in August with the help of Metro Blooms in a landscape renovation to manage stormwater and help pollinators. She hopes it plants seeds of stewardship among the…

Jumping Worms: Be on the Lookout

  (Photo: Jumping Worm, Flickr, Alfredo Eloisa | CC BY-NC-SA) Jumping worms are relatively new to Minnesota, but they can quickly damage lawns, plants and soil.  They look very much like common earthworms, but they have a characteristic way of moving — they may appear to be jumping — when disturbed. They have been described…

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NRRC Youth-Led Pollinator Garden Signup and Payment

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Tips for Making Your Yard Friendlier to Pollinators: James Wolfin Interview

Karen Wright of KMSU Radio’s “Minnesota Morning” discusses pollinators with James Wolfin, Metro Blooms’ sustainable landcare manager. An entomologist with a background in bee lawn research, James talks bees, how they are crucial not only for food but also for sustaining our landscapes, and how we can take steps to help them and other pollinators…

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority Raingarden Maintenance

We help maintain raingardens and stormwater practices for several Minneapolis Public Housing Authority properties. Maintenance work includes inspecting and cleaning up the raingardens (including weeding and caring for native plantings), inspecting underground infiltration structures, and documenting the function of stormwater practices as part of compliance with city regulations. Our work also includes improvements such as…  Read More

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Brooks Landing

Brooks Landing Apartments is an affordable housing complex for seniors comprising 110 units on almost two acres in Brooklyn Park. Since 2019, we have been working with residents on redesigning their landscape to create more beautiful, sustainable and livable outdoor spaces for the community. Resident project stewards have taken on leadership roles to help us…  Read More

Brook Gardens

Brook Gardens is an townhome and apartment community, comprising 66 units on eight acres in Brooklyn Park. Many families make their home here, and many residents have lived here for a long time. In 2019 Metro Blooms started working with the community to redesign their landscape for more sustainable practices and improved quality of outdoor…  Read More

Ecosong: Plant a Song in Your Garden

How can you make beautiful music for beautiful gardens? Through Ecosong, an environmental music project that connects musical creators, community organizations, scientists and others to advance stewardship and make inspiring environmental music. Its song garden program matches musical artists from the community with specific gardens. The artist(s) create music for the garden, and Ecosong produces…

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Our Roots Our Work

The History of Metro Blooms Metro Blooms grew out of a volunteer-powered garden recognition program, the Minneapolis Garden Awards program, which was first established by the City of Minneapolis’ Committee on the Urban Environment (CUE). Between 1979 and 2016, hundreds of trained volunteer evaluators visited thousands of gardens, every year recognizing and celebrating excellence, and…

Landscape Redesign: Working With the Community

Inviting a community’s residents to be part of redesigning their landscape helps to create outdoor space more responsive to their needs and increases the likelihood of their stewardship of the space. Currently Metro Blooms is on this journey with tenants at Brook Gardens, a rental community in Brooklyn Park where we recently finished our first…

Northside Commercial Corridor Projects

We are working with community partners to develop projects focused on clean water investment in Near North Minneapolis neighborhoods. We partnered with Harrison Neighborhood Association to recruit three businesses, Venture North Bike Shop, Ripley Gardens apartments, and KNOCK Inc., to install raingardens, permeable pavement, boulevard bioswales and pollinator habitat in 2019. Engagement with these businesses…  Read More

Northeast Minneapolis Commercial Corridor

This revitalization project brought clean water projects and native habitat to businesses and organizations on Central Avenue and nearby. The projects were on small, urban, almost completely impervious sites, so we got creative in our use of raingardens, permeable pavement, bee lawn boulevards, native prairie, native plantings and a green roof (our first). We worked…  Read More

Summer Internship: Learning About Raingardens

One thing interns are sure to learn about at Metro Blooms is raingardens. This summer we hosted Althea Kuzniewski, an environmental studies major at the University of Minnesota. Althea came to us through the U’s Institute on the Environment, in an internship supported by Ecolab. She had the job of visiting and assessing raingardens we…

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