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Convert your Lawns to Legumes
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Convert your "Lawn to Legumes" - Click Here to Learn More
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Boulevard Bioswales
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Boulevard Bioswales - Click Here To Learn More
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Native Wildflowers
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Native Plants & Raingardens - Click Here To Learn More

Please support our work in clean water, pollinator habitat and creating resilience in the environment and in all of our communities!

Metro Blooms

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing ecological design, installation, maintenance, and education services to create resilient landscapes, protect clean water, and provide wildlife habitat.


Blue Thumb

Metro Blooms is proud to coordinate the Blue Thumb program, a partnership promoting ecologically functional landscapes to reduce runoff and improve water quality.

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Our Services



Learn how to create a beautiful, functional and resilient yard that infiltrates stormwater runoff and supports pollinators.

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Onsite Consultations


Schedule a site visit with a landscape designer to identify issues and talk about opportunities on your property. A consultation is also the first step to a sustainable landscape design.

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Equitable engagement


Metro Blooms helps community stakeholders to be meaningfully involved in participatory clean water and green infrastructure projects that promote equity and environmental justice.

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Landscape Maintenance


We offer onsite maintenance services to keep your stormwater management practices functioning and beautiful.

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Upcoming Workshops