• Consultations — now including consults for bee lawns and pollinator patches

    An hour-long visit in your yard by one of our design team members. Ask questions and brainstorm ideas!

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  • Community Engagement

    We engage with communities to co-create opportunities for resilient landscapes.

    Our commitment to equity

  • Our Capital Campaign

    Your investment means we have more resources to support the communities we partner with. Thanks! Artist: Ava Barry

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  • Neighborhood of Raingardens 2021

    A program for neighborhoods and cities to help residents make their yards more resilient.

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  • Building Community Capacity within Affordable Housing

    Resident-centered design involves the community in decision-making and stewardship, benefiting those most impacted.

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Volunteer with Metro Blooms

Get involved in some of our activities! We could use your help at community planting events and in other ways. Learn more:


Monthly Maintenance Live Stream

Did you know that every month we do a Facebook Live Stream on seasonal maintenance? Metro Blooms Co-Director of Design Rich Harrison talks about maintaining your yard and answers your questions. Watch the most recent one here:

July Maintenance Live Stream Q & A

Lawns to Legumes Program

Lawns to Legumes received an Environmental Initiative Award! We worked with many partners on this program, which comes through the Board of Water and Soil Resources, to support Minnesotans to plant for pollinators in their yards, and are proud to be part of this effort.

Lawns to Legumes cost-share grant recipients who have not yet submitted their projects can sign up FREE for a Blue Thumb fall workshop, starting in August. If you missed our notification on how to do this, send an email: info@bluethumb.org 


We have made some changes on how we work due to the pandemic.

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Metro Blooms

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with communities to create resilient landscapes and foster clean watersheds, embracing the values of equity and inclusion to solve environmental challenges. View our 2020 annual report.

We are conducting a capital campaign to raise $400,000 for our new home. Learn more.

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Blue Thumb

Metro Blooms is proud to coordinate the Blue Thumb program, a partnership promoting ecologically sustainable landscapes that reduce runoff, improve water quality and protect pollinators.

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For do-it-yourselfers, sign up for a Blue Thumb  workshop to learn about creating a more resilient yard, bee lawns and planting for pollinators!

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In-person or virtual visit with a landscape designer for your property. This is the first step to a sustainable landscape design. You can also ask for a bee lawn or pollinator patch consult.

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Equitable Engagement

Metro Blooms helps community stakeholders to be meaningfully involved in participatory clean water and green infrastructure projects that promote equity and environmental justice.

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Landscape Maintenance

We offer onsite maintenance services to keep your stormwater management practices functioning and beautiful.

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