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Powderhown NORG

Powderhorn Neighborhood of Raingardens: A Citizen-Based Approach to Stormwater Management

This project evaluated community outreach approaches through a pilot study of fast-tracked installation of over 100 raingardens in a 28-acre subwatershed draining to Powderhorn Lake in Minneapolis. Stormwater best management practices (BMPs) were installed on private property. The project included stormwater monitoring  to assess reductions in pollutant loads or volume.

Green Streets For Blue Waters

Hello All, We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants of the Bloomington Green Streets for Blue Waters program for taking part in this important project and give everyone else a quick overview of all that’s been accomplished! Over the last two years, Metro Blooms, in partnership with the City of Bloomington and…  Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Wolk

Bob Wolk joined Metro Blooms’ team of volunteers in 2008. As someone who likes to constantly reinvent himself, he’s taken on many different roles to support Metro Blooms over the years. Like all our volunteers, he started somewhere, and that was by participating in the Minneapolis Garden Awards program in 2007. After receiving a water bill…  Read More

The History Of Lake Nokomis

This past Tuesday, myself, Mark Pedelty (a professor at the U of MN), and three of his students had the pleasure of learning about the history of Lake Nokomis from Steffanie Musich, President of Friends of Lake Nokomis, and Julia Vanatta with Wild Ones. I learned more about Lake Nokomis that day than I thought…  Read More

Wild Columbine

Family: Ranunculaceae (Buttercup family) Scientific Name: Aquilegia canadensis Native and hardy early spring perennial which favors a variety of habitats including dry or even low woodlands, meadows, roadsides, peat bogs and bluffs Watch for: Red and yellow downward facing flowers which have a tubular shape.  Inside petals are yellow and outward sepals are red.  Compound leaves are…  Read More

Prairie Smoke

Family: Rosaceae (Rose) Scientific Name: Geum triflorum Native Early Spring perennial favoring sunny, dry fields, prairies and open woodlands Watch for: Bunches of red/pink flowers bursting into a fuzz-like “smoke”. Leaves divided into 7 or more leaflets, with hairy notches at the tips. Stem also hairy and reddish brown. Other names: Old Man’s Whiskers, Three-flowered Avens,…  Read More

And The Survey Says…

Here in the office we’ve been analyzing Raingarden Workshop surveys from years gone past, pulling out  trends and interesting snippets that can point us to a better awareness of our audience, understanding their needs and interests. Here’s a summary of the strongest findings using Pearson’s Correlations to keep you in the loop… (sparing the extensive…  Read More