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Grant Resources

Over the years Metro Blooms has benefited from numerous public and private grants. Through these experiences we’ve learned and gained insight into where to look for grants and how to access funding. Our knowledge is not comprehensive, but we’re happy to share what we know. In particular we’ve had success accessing local government grants for…

Renter Resources

The list below offers many helpful sources of information for renters, including legal information, conflict resolution, emergency assistance, and more.

Neighborhood Projects

For over ten years, we have worked with neighborhoods, cities, and so many other partners to install accessible and functional projects with their residents.

Equitable Engagement

At Metro Blooms we strive to make engagement equitable through real relationships, supporting opportunities for silenced voices to be heard, and implementing what we’ve heard from those most impacted by environmental and social injustices. We prioritize partnering with Black, Indigenous, People of Color, renters, and low-income communities. Intentionality: We collaborate with local community members and…