Autumn Ridge Redesign

People looking at a design for a new landscape

A large group of people happilky posing for photo after planting many plants

new play structure and recently planted native plants with people in background

  • This was our first project partnering with a rental community to redesign its shared outdoor spaces.  Autumn Ridge is a 17-acre, 366-unit rental community in Brooklyn Park. We used an equitable engagement framework to center resident priorities in decision-making and goal-setting, from design and installation to further training and opportunities for in caring for the landscape. As the site was highly impervious, a multi-year stormwater management retrofit plan was part of the redesign. Goals included improving water quality in nearby Shingle Creek, mitigating localized flooding, creating pollinator habitat, enhancing livability,  providing ongoing education and job training opportunities for residents and management and increasing environmental literacy.
  • The project resulted in 18 new rain gardens, the replacement of 65 ash trees threatened by emerald ash borer with a more diverse and sustainable tree canopy (more than 10 native species), and more than 12,000 sq. ft. of pollinator habitat. The project also included outdoor living amenities like picnic tables, benches and additional playground equipment.
  • Partners: residents, owner Sherman Associates, African Career Education and Resource Inc (ACER), the City of Brooklyn Park, Nelco Landscaping

MB staff talks to kids at National Night Outevent

large clump of lush blooming purple flowers in front of apartment building

Large blooming garden next to parking lot

Blooming flower garden in front of apartment buiding