Equitable Engagement

An inclusive, collaborative, and equitable engagement process helps us achieve our mission to promote and celebrate gardening, to beautify our communities, and to help heal and protect our environment. Metro Blooms creates conditions for community stakeholders to be meaningfully involved in participatory clean water and green infrastructure projects that promote and put equity, environmental justice, resilience and sustainability principles into practice. See the first phase of our Equitable Engagement Toolkit here.

Metro Blooms is installing raingardens in a neighborhood near you! In partnership with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota (CCM), Blue Thumb Partners, neighborhoods and local government organizations, we have built more than 1,000 raingardens and other stormwater best management practices throughout the metro area as part of our community engagement programming.

Start a Project

If you are interested in joining an ongoing project or starting a Neighborhood of Raingardens, Blooming Alley, Blooming Boulevard or other neighborhood engagement project, please contact us using the form below.

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