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Unseasonably warm weather, long droughts and flooding rains are the new normal for spring and summer in Minnesota. Learn how your yard can adapt to and even help mitigate threats posed by these extreme weather events.

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Thank You 2015 Garden Evaluators

Metro Blooms’ garden recognition program was founded in 1983. This is our 32nd year of recognizing the gardeners who beautify our city and help to heal and protect our environment with their publicly visible gardens.  We are very appreciative of the many volunteers who make this program possible. Below is our list of 2015 garden evaluators.

Cary Anderson Wendy Houle Michelle Parson
Marguerite Archer Martha Hrncir Carol Pease
Pat Arnst Eileen Johnson Becky Persons
Julie Atkinson Marilyn Jones Doris Phillips
Terry Barnes Arif Khan Janeen Rae
Carrie Bassett Tam Knapton Connie Rapp
Julie Berg Marta Knutson Deb Reierson
Nancy Bjerke Annette LeDuc Rosemary Reinhardt
Linda Brammer Angela Lee Sharlyn Rekenthaler
Pat Cahoon Rui Li Debra Revier
Wayne Carlson Jenna Lipscomb Becky Rice
Kimberly Carpenter Celeste MacAllister Barbara Richied
Chandra Carter Peggy MacRae Allison Ruby
Sandy Casey Sandra Mangel Shirley Russel
Rosann Chamberlain Jerry Marmon Nancy Sampson
Sarah Christopher Megan McCrumb Dipankar Sanyal
Barbara Clarity Deb McKinley Ann Sauter
Martha Demetriou Vikki McVean Claire Selkurt
Terry Doerr Kathleen Miller Pat Sillerud
Miriam Eason Patty Miller Barbara Speltz
Eileen Fontaine Pat Minogue Steven Stoltz
Connie Fournier Amanda Mulfinger Betsy Tarnowski
Jeanne Frank Addy Murtaugh Mary Tessman
Carol Garner Vandhana Narayanan Myrtle Turnquist
Connie Gillespie Kathleen Nelson April Uram
Kelly Gomez Pam Nelson Jim Wadsworth
Marcella Granpre Deborah Newcomb Cassandra Warn
Karen Griffin Jane Nicholls Jeffrey Wozniak
Jacquelyn Hauser Alan Olson Sandra Wright
Janet Heidinger Douglas Owens-Pike Norma Wubbena
Karen Youngdahl

Your donation is an investment in the future of our shared legacy, and will help us improve the health of our urban landscapes.

If you love gardens, clean watersheds and working with your community, join hundreds of others and enjoy the fun!

Metro Blooms Blue Thumb program is a public-private partnership promoting the use of native plants, raingardens and shoreline stabilization to improve water quality.