Our Projects

Since 2009 Metro Blooms has worked with many private and public partners to install more than 500 stormwater management practices including raingardens, catch basins, permeable pavement and native plantings. We connect property owners to resources and incentives to enhance their affordability, and engage communities in the process to expand awareness and adoption of best practices.

Raingarden Workshops

Unseasonably warm weather, long droughts and flooding rains are the new normal for spring and summer in Minnesota. Learn how your yard can adapt to and even help mitigate threats posed by these extreme weather events.

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Blooming Alleys for Clean Water

Alleyways provide a great opportunity to capture runoff and provide habitat while creating a really cool and beautiful community space. Through our Blooming Alleys program we work with entire blocks of residents to re-imagine how the alley functions and how it looks so we can all do our best for clean water, pollinators, and each other.

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Blooming Boulevards

We've launched our Blooming Boulevards program! We're hoping to plant a variety of turf alternatives along the streets of the Harrison neighborhood in the next couple years, and demonstrate that Kentucky Blue Grass is far from the only option for green spaces.

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Your donation is an investment in the future of our shared legacy, and will help us improve the health of our urban landscapes.

If you love gardens, clean watersheds and working with your community, join hundreds of others and enjoy the fun!

Metro Blooms Blue Thumb program is a public-private partnership promoting the use of native plants, raingardens and shoreline stabilization to improve water quality.