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Schmidt Lake NORG

Schmidt Lake Neighborhood of Raingardens

The Schmidt Lake Improvement Association worked with Metro Blooms in 2011 and again in 2019 to protect water quality in the Schmidt Lake Watershed. Schmidt Lake flows to Bass Lake and ultimately to Shingle Creek, thereby affecting downstream water quality. The goal of this project was to intercept rainwater runoff from residences that flowed to…  Read More

Sentyrz Market

Metro Blooms worked with Walt Sentyrz, Nelco Landscaping, and the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization to install raingardens, a trench drain and a native prairie that capture 100% of the runoff from this site in Northeast Minneapolis. Native plants throughout enhance stormwater capture and provide pollinator habitat. Because the stormwater practices here capture runoff before it…  Read More

Victoria NORG

Victoria and Shorewood Neighborhood of Raingardens

This project was a partnership of the cities of Victoria and Shorewood to engage residents in efforts to improve water quality of Lake Virginia, an impaired body of water, by installing approximately 15 raingardens and a shoreline restoration on residential properties around the lake.

Bryant Neighborhood of Raingardens

The goal of this project was to provide an “Open Space Development Plan” taking into account the goals of the Bryant Neighborhood, including improving streetscapes and multi-modal transportation opportunities, providing a tree canopy assessment and planting plan for the new neighborhood, green space improvements and connectivity, wayfinding and thematic integration of pedestrian and bike routes,…  Read More

Weeds to Watch This Week

Weeds, a.k.a. Wild Urban Plants What is a weed?  Emerson said they are plants whose utility has yet to be found. From an ecological perspective, they are colonizers of disturbed soil.  Often annual, they produce impressive amounts of seed that float off to find bare soil, sites free from competing plants.  They are modifiers.  Weeds…  Read More

Curly Leaf Dock: Weeds to Watch This Week

Curly Leaf Dock, Rumex crispus This ubiquitous plant is one you want to get to know.  Here is a view of a patch on a boulevard, with seed beginning to ripen.  If you catch it early enough– plants with sufficient moisture supply and leaves recently unfurled–you can eat it!  With our recent rain I have…  Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Barb Gasterland

Barb Gasterland is one of our longtime volunteers. She started out as a garden evaluator in 2005, when her interest in a raingarden movement happening at the time led her to Metro Blooms.  At this point, Barb had been a resident of Minnesota for almost 25 years. She’d moved from a very small town in…  Read More

Neighborhood Of Raingarden Installations 2013

Throughout the summer and fall of 2013, Metro Blooms has been working hard with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa to install raingardens in five different neighborhoods in Minneapolis.  The projects were partnerships with neighborhood associations and community members as part of our Neighborhood of Raingardens program.  Some of these partnerships were new this…  Read More

Biography Of The Month

To kick off a new year of staff, board and volunteer biographies (that’s right volunteers, I’m coming for you next) I interviewed Bryan Pynn, Metro Blooms’ director of design and planning services.  He wasn’t super keen on the idea of having his life chronicled on our blog at first, but after some time spent reviewing…  Read More