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A Year In Summary – 2016

The end of a year naturally brings about a desire to reflect on what we as an organization have achieved, what’s made us pound our heads on our desks, and what’s inspired our passion to continue the work that we do. What I find myself wondering most is “when will our next batch of Christmas…  Read More

Sheridan NORG

Sheridan Neighborhood of Raingardens

The Sheridan Neighborhood Organization and Metro Blooms have collaborated to provide raingardens to residents of the Sheridan neighborhood over several years, installing 31 raingardens in the neighborhood as of 2019. These raingardens were constructed with help from a Clean Water Fund grant so Conservation Corps crews could excavate the raingardens. Residents planted and continue to…  Read More

Harrison BB

Harrison Blooming Boulevards

Ash trees in the Harrison neighborhood needed be removed proactively to prevent emerald ash borer from impacting the city’s urban forest. Metro Blooms worked in partnership with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission, Harrison Neighborhood Association, and many others to transform Harrison Neighborhood boulevards into multifunctional spaces that increase…  Read More

Longfellow Neighborhood of Raingardens

In 2014, we partnered with the Longfellow Neighborhood Association for a Neighborhood of Raingardens, resulting in the installation of 10 raingardens. We led raingarden workshops and worked with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota to install the raingardens. Since then we have continued to work with Longfellow on raingarden installation.  

Lynnhurst Blooming Alleys for Clean Water

Funded by a grant from the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, Hennepin County and resident participants, this project focused on installing practices such as raingardens, permeable pavement and native plantings around targeted alleys. On average, in this area, 60% of a property’s impervious surface drains to the alley. The goal was to reduce stormwater runoff and…  Read More

Marshall Terrace NORG

Marshall Terrace Neighborhood of Raingardens

Metro Blooms and Marshall Terrace citizens have been partnering since 2016 to bring raingardens to neighborhood yards. In that time, 18 raingardens have been installed with the help of crews from the Conservation Corps. Residents continue to maintain their beautiful raingardens.

Black Forest

Black Forest Inn

This project was designed to convey stormwater runoff causing flooding  problems. The existing downspout outfalls into a sculptural rain gutter conveyance system suspended over an existing doorway, dropping down into a stormwater planter. The suspended conveyance system was designed and fabricated by Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center and installed by Earth Wizards. The plants benefit…  Read More

Cleveland Blooming Alleys for Clean Water

We worked with the Cleveland Neighborhood Association to engage two blocks of residents to improve the environmental function and look of their alleyway through stormwater management and urban habitat.  Projects included raingardens, native plantings, and permeable pavement. Project activities focused on building social capital within the neighborhood, and included an “Alley Party” and group maintenance…  Read More

Diamond Lake BA

Diamond Lake Blooming Alleys for Clean Water

This was a community-focused project to improve the water quality and create native habitat in the Diamond Lake Watershed in 2015 and 2016. With funding from the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and Hennepin County, Metro Blooms engaged local residents to install practices such as raingardens, permeable pavement, and native plantings. The focus of this project…  Read More

Mission + Vision + Equity

Mission Metro Blooms partners with communities to create resilient landscapes and foster clean watersheds, embracing the values of equity and inclusion to solve environmental challenges. Vision Engage communities to create resilient landscapes. Equity At Metro Blooms, we work to create the conditions for all of a community’s members to be meaningfully involved in environmental improvement

Boulevard Bioswales

We are working with community members to reshape and replant boulevards in several North Minneapolis neighborhoods where ash trees have been or are being removed. The ash tree removal is part of a program to manage the emerald ash borer infestation (more information is available from the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County websites). We

Autumn Ridge and Building Capacity

Metro Blooms is coordinating a major landscape renovation at an affordable housing complex in Brooklyn Park involving many partners, including residents, the owner, local government, a community organization and the watershed district.

Metro Blooms and Social Enterprise at NEON

(Caption: The NEON Property Maintenance program invests in human capital. Sheltonn Johnson, manager of program) Sheltonn Johnson now sees plants that he used to walk by every day without ever noticing. He is familiar with different ways of preventing stormwater runoff and has hands-on experience in measuring and excavating a raingarden. These are some benefits…  Read More

Metro Blooms: Seeking Environmental Justice in the Harrison Neighborhood

If Metro Blooms were a vehicle (green energy-powered, of course), the community would be the driver. The destination is always the same: clean water, habitat and a more beautiful environment. But it is a community’s residents, businesses and local institutions that decide how the journey is taken. As a non-profit that specializes in ecological landscaping,…  Read More

Art & Stormwater: Black Forest Inn Open House

City of Minneapolis Great Streets Program Recipient Metro Blooms to Unveil Unique Art Installation that Manages Storm Water Runoff Open House to take place at Black Forest Inn on Wednesday, April 13, 5:30-6:30 p.m. WHAT:              On Wednesday, April 13, the City of Minneapolis Great Streets program, Metro Blooms, and…  Read More

A Year in Summary

As I began thinking about a summary of our year at Metro Blooms, I started thinking about what excites me the most about my job.  At Metro Blooms, we couple field work with a big focus on education and community engagement.  This past year we were able to work on projects with some really amazing…  Read More

2015 Top Garden Awardees Announced

Metro Blooms is pleased to announce the 2015 Top Minneapolis Garden Awards.  These gardens represent some of the most beautiful, creative and sustainable gardens in the Minneapolis, selected by volunteer evaluators from more than 1,000 nominations. The Minneapolis Garden Awards program has been recognizing outstanding work in publicly visible gardens since 1983. Photos of these…  Read More

Blue Thumb/Metro Blooms Merger: Frequently Asked Questions

Metro Blooms and Blue Thumb are Merging! The following describes the current understanding of how the Blue Thumb program would be governed and would operate following a merger of the program with Metro Blooms.  The Rice Creek Watershed District and Metro Blooms are working toward achieving a final transfer agreement in late May.  Separately, a…  Read More