A New Home For Us to Grow, Bloom, Inspire


Metro Blooms is deeply rooted in our communities, promoting and cultivating beautiful, resilient landscapes since 1979. For years we rented space alongside other non-profits and community organizations at Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis.

But like a healthy plant with clean water and good care, we outgrew our starter pot, and it became clear that we needed a home that would allow us to deepen our roots, continue to thrive, and give us the base we needed to fully serve our mission. We needed space for a growing staff, for hosting workshops, trainings and community events, and for keeping our tools and equipment together at easy reach. We searched for years, with help from our board, community members and many others. In 2020, we found that space, almost in our own backyard, in a storefront just off 38th Street, at 3747 Cedar Avenue. This moment was a bright spot during a year of great challenge for all of us.

This new space allows us to do more — to reach more community members, to create environmentally resilient landscapes, and to amplify the voices of those typically left out of this work. A reasonable purchase price allows us make the the building truly ours, creating a community asset with a pollinator-friendly yard that will double as a a community gathering space with practices that conserve water and reduce runoff. We are committed to investing our resources where they will have the greatest impact — in the communities we work with. Our new home will allow us to grow, bloom and inspire.

Invest in our work, our communities and the environment

We invite you to walk this path with us. We are in the midst of a capital campaign to raise $400,000 for our building. Your investment means we have more resources to support the communities we partner with. And in supporting this effort, you are investing in the future, helping us to engage all residents in making their landscapes happier places for people, our pollinator friends, and the next generation.

We are eager to recognize those helping us to lay the groundwork. If you give at the $1,000 level or above, you will be recognized with a custom paver stone with your choice of text. These paver stones will be part of our outdoor community gathering space behind our building.

Please know that we are grateful for gifts of any amount, and welcome your suggestions for other ways to recognize your contribution. Contributions can be made via credit card, below, or via check. If you prefer a check, you can make it payable to “Metro Blooms, adding “Capital Campaign” to the subject line, and send it to Metro Blooms, P.O. Box 17099, Minneapolis, MN 55417.

Thank you!

Donations $63766
Goal $400000

Capital Campaign Donation


Contact us

Our staff and board would love to meet with you, remotely or for an on-site building tour, to discuss how we can partner to move the mission of Metro Blooms forward, together. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Becky Rice
Executive Director

Laura Scholl
Director of Development