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Garden Awards 2012

Metro Blooms hosted their annual Garden Awards last Thursday evening at Columbia Manor to recognize those who beautify our city and protect our environment with their gardens.  The awards were a little different this year as they were a stand alone event instead of part of Blooms Day.  This allowed the awards to be a…  Read More

Earth Day 2012: Teaming Up With Project For Pride And Living

N. MPLS– This Earth Day, Metro Blooms is teaming up with Project for Pride in Living (PPL) to build a raingarden. Not just any raingarden mind you, but a raingarden rich in community initiative. The Earth Day project will complete PPL’s renovation of an affordable apartment building at 2521 Girard Ave N. The housing building…  Read More

Spotlight Projects: Spring 2012

All of us here at Metro Blooms are excited for our 2012 projects… we have dozens!  😀There are two however that we’d like to describe more in depth: Urban Homeworks and the Seward Montessori School Magnet. These projects indeed don’t stop at the raingarden themselves. Both promise a high level of initiative and enthusiasm to bring…  Read More

VLAWMO Community Blue

Metro Blooms partnered with the Vadnais Lakes Area Watershed Management Organization (VLAWMO) to engage schools, businesses, churches and community organizations in the installation of stormwater management practices. The six participating properties included the White Bear Montessori School, Children’s Discovery Academy, Vadnais Heights Fire Station in partnership with the Vadnais Heights Rotary, Vadnais Heights Elementary School,…  Read More

Linden Hills Neighborhood of Raingardens

The project focused on private property owners and involved a coordinated outreach effort, educational trainings, and the installation of raingardens in the Linden Hills Neighborhood of Minneapolis. In addition to a raingarden installation, we performed follow-up maintenance visits with each participant the following year. The project expanded to include site consultations and designs for commercial…  Read More

Lotus Lake Stormwater Improvement

Metro Blooms began partnering with the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District in 2012 to improve the quality of water in Lotus Lake. To find out which stormwater management practices would be most useful, and where they should go, Metro Blooms conducted an assessment of the project area and determined the most suitable sites and…  Read More

Nokomis Neighbors

Nokomis Neighbors for Clean Water

Lake Nokomis Blooming Alleys was a citizen-based, neighborhood-focused project to engage local property owners in efforts to improve water quality. The focus of the work was to use raingardens and pervious pavement systems to capture and infiltrate runoff from impervious surfaces on private property. This involved analyzing entire alley blocks for their potential to produce…  Read More

Powderhown NORG

Powderhorn Neighborhood of Raingardens: A Citizen-Based Approach to Stormwater Management

This project evaluated community outreach approaches through a pilot study of fast-tracked installation of over 100 raingardens in a 28-acre subwatershed draining to Powderhorn Lake in Minneapolis. Stormwater best management practices (BMPs) were installed on private property. The project included stormwater monitoring  to assess reductions in pollutant loads or volume.

Jun Tang Maps Pollinator Sweet Spots

Jun Tang is committed to making the Twin Cities and beyond more habitable for some of our smallest denizens: pollinators. A regional planner for Metro Blooms, Tang has developed a comprehensive mapping system to achieve this goal. His system creates highly-detailed maps of pollinator habitat and then identifies “sweet spots” where the money spent to…  Read More

The Garden In Spring

In the early part of spring, after the snow has melted and before new growth has started for the season, gardeners can remove last year’s decaying growth. We call this decaying plant material ‘duff’. Duff is a wonderful thing to let stand throughout the winter months as it provides habitat and food for over wintering…  Read More

2014 Triumphs And Lessons Learned

Wow.  I know I said last year was busy, but 2014 was so busy we hardly had time to blog about, well, anything.  Over the last 12 months we’ve worked with some amazing partners to install 96 raingardens, 6 bisowales, 1 trench drain, and 4 permeable pavement systems.  We’ve held 7 corporate volunteer events, educated 430 citizens…  Read More

Seasonal Raingarden Maintenance Practices

Seasonal Raingarden Maintenance Practices Each season has a small list of tasks associated with good raingarden maintenance practices. By staying on top of maintenance each season, problems can be avoided and maintenance can be a small task compared to a major chore. By taking a few minutes to peruse the garden, major maintenance headaches can…  Read More

Green Streets For Blue Waters

Hello All, We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the participants of the Bloomington Green Streets for Blue Waters program for taking part in this important project and give everyone else a quick overview of all that’s been accomplished! Over the last two years, Metro Blooms, in partnership with the City of Bloomington and…  Read More

Volunteer Spotlight: Greg Silverman And The EvaluateIt Mobile App Team

Greg first heard about Metro Blooms when he met Bob Wolk and his wife Debby at a High Tea hosted by Adam Majewski. When Bob learned that Greg was interested in native gardening, he convinced Greg to join the Metro Blooms board. In March 2012, Becky Rice suggested that Greg instead utilize his technical skills…  Read More


Metro Blooms Garden Awards Event 2012

Warm Season Weeding

Weeds.  They can be daunting at times, especially when you’re looking at your garden or yard thinking, these can’t ALL be weeds, can they?! Weeds can be tricky to identify, so the first step is knowing what those common weeds look like.  Generally, weeds are split into two categories: cool season weeds, and warm season…  Read More

Raingardens And Beyond Workshops, Soon To Be At A Community Center Near You!

Schnazy new title, and some new information too. This year Metro Blooms’ classic Raingarden Workshops are doing just what the new title says…they’re going beyond the do-it-yourself approach to raingarden design and installation and covering topics such as simple healthy lawn care practices more in depth.  The information you’ll gain will be oh so helpful not…  Read More

End Of The Year Update

As the end of 2012 approaches Metro Blooms is looking back on some of the big moments we had this year.  As always we started the year out with a series of raingarden workshops throughout the metro area and Blooms Day, an educational event combined with a plant sale and garden awards.  Our Blooming Schoolyards…  Read More

Blooming Schoolyards

S. MPLS– This Spring, Metro Blooms has been submersed in the world of Environmental Education. To develop the Blooming Schoolyards program, we teamed up with Minneapolis Public Schools and STEM leaders with a busy schedule of curriculum planning and raingarden installations. Lessons were planned to coincide with MN vocab and science standards, STEM kit standards,…  Read More

Metro Blooms On WCCO

Metro Blooms with Sentyrz Supermarket on WCCO 4 News, 4/18/2012 N. MPLS–Lead Landscape Designer Michael Keenan recently spoke for Metro Blooms on WCCO News. Michael highlighted the Sentyrz Supermarket raingarden and explained the fundamentals of raingardens and how they help the Mississippi River. Happy Earth Week!

WCCO 4 News

Metro Blooms’ Lead Landscape Designer delivers raingarden wisdom during a WCCO interview at Sentyrz Supermarket in NE Mpls (aired on 4/18/2012)