Metro Blooms is best known for creating beautiful raingardens, but there are many other creative solutions to beautify your property while reducing runoff and restoring ecological function. We offer design and consulting services and connection to resources for planning, installing, and maintaining your project through our many Blue Thumb partners.

Raingarden Workshops

Unseasonably warm weather, long droughts and flooding rains are the new normal for spring and summer in Minnesota. Learn how your yard can adapt to and even help mitigate threats posed by these extreme weather events.

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Consultation + Design Services

We offer onsite consultation and design services when you’re planning, installing or maintaining your project.

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Landscape maintenance

Metro Blooms helps our partners maintain and improve large-scale stormwater management practices, including raingardens, stormwater ponds, dry-wells, and native plantings.

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Neighborhood Engagement

We're installing raingardens in a neighborhood near you! Find out how you can beautify your neighborhood today!

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Design Consultant Biography

Rich Harrison is a Registered Landscape Architect with an MLA degree from the University of Minnesota. His work focuses on sustainable design, place making, and community development. Rich has worked on water quality issues for 21 years, beginning in research at MSU, working 2 years for the Met Council, and studying Non-Point Source Pollution at the U of M. Rich realizes that on-site treatment of stormwater is the best way to prevent pollution and preserve our precious water resources and has since focused his career in design.

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Let us help you get your plans for a raingarden moving along.

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Your donation is an investment in the future of our shared legacy, and will help us improve the health of our urban landscapes.

If you love gardens, clean watersheds and working with your community, join hundreds of others and enjoy the fun!

Metro Blooms Blue Thumb program is a public-private partnership promoting the use of native plants, raingardens and shoreline stabilization to improve water quality.