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Union Park BA

Union Park Blooming Alleys for Clean Water

This project was a partnership between the Union Park District Council, Metro Blooms, Capital Region Watershed District, and the Conservation Corps. This Blooming Alleys project targeted two alleys in the Union Park neighborhood of St. Paul and included engagement and outreach through ‘alley parties’ to educate residents on rainwater runoff, raingardens and native habitat. In…  Read More

Lynnhurst Blooming Alleys for Clean Water

Funded by a grant from the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, Hennepin County and resident participants, this project focused on installing practices such as raingardens, permeable pavement and native plantings around targeted alleys. On average, in this area, 60% of a property’s impervious surface drains to the alley. The goal was to reduce stormwater runoff and…  Read More

Cleveland Blooming Alleys for Clean Water

We worked with the Cleveland Neighborhood Association to engage two blocks of residents to improve the environmental function and look of their alleyway through stormwater management and urban habitat.  Projects included raingardens, native plantings, and permeable pavement. Project activities focused on building social capital within the neighborhood, and included an “Alley Party” and group maintenance…  Read More

Diamond Lake BA

Diamond Lake Blooming Alleys for Clean Water

This was a community-focused project to improve the water quality and create native habitat in the Diamond Lake Watershed in 2015 and 2016. With funding from the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and Hennepin County, Metro Blooms engaged local residents to install practices such as raingardens, permeable pavement, and native plantings. The focus of this project…  Read More

Nokomis Neighbors

Nokomis Neighbors for Clean Water

Lake Nokomis Blooming Alleys was a citizen-based, neighborhood-focused project to engage local property owners in efforts to improve water quality. The focus of the work was to use raingardens and pervious pavement systems to capture and infiltrate runoff from impervious surfaces on private property. This involved analyzing entire alley blocks for their potential to produce…  Read More

A Blooming Alley in St. Paul

Metro Blooms of Minneapolis has taken its work to make alleys greener across the river into St. Paul. Four raingardens, three areas of native plantings and a permeable pavement system are new features of the landscape in and near a Merriam Park alley that help prevent water pollution and provide more natural habitat. It’s part…  Read More

Blooming Alleys Partnership Results

In our first post about the Blooming Alleys Partnership I described the collaborative meeting we had in April, here at Sabathani, with all of our project partners to figure out what successful Blooming Alleys projects will look like and how this partnership enables and contributes to that success.  We spent much of May working on a qualitative…  Read More

What Is Blooming Alleys All About?

Blooming Alleys is a program of Metro Blooms that aims to protect waterways, create habitat, and transform communities by working with blocks of residents to re-imagine what their alleyway looks like and how it functions. The goal of Blooming Alleys is to reduce the volume of stormwater runoff flowing to the alleyway while creating a beautiful…  Read More

Blooming Alley Tour & Happy Hour

Written by Aleli Balagtas Come see Metro Blooms’ first Blooming Alley, and rediscover back alleys. The idea is to look beyond garbage cans and garages and envision alleys as inviting, ecological community spaces. That’s what neighbors on a block near Minneapolis’Lake Nokomis did last spring when they started planning their alley makeover as part of…  Read More

Neighborhood of Raingardens

Our Neighborhood of Raingardens program began in 2009 to support large-scale community participation in the installation of raingardens and to build awareness of raingardens and other actions you can take in your landscape to protect clean water in our environment. Typically, these projects are a cost share between a neighborhood organization and property owners. Participants attend

Conservation Corps MN & Iowa: a Raingarden Partner

When Metro Blooms is in the field, there’s a good chance that the crew on site are wearing yellow helmets. If so, they are likely a crew from Conservation Corps MN & Iowa, a longtime Metro Blooms partner. This organization has installed more of our raingardens than any other group we work with. In turn,…  Read More

Measuring Runoff on a Permeable City Alley

How well does permeable pavement reduce runoff? Metro Blooms set out to answer this question in a privately-owned alley in Minneapolis’ Standish-Ericsson neighborhood. We compared how much rain flowed down the alley before and after the installation of a permeable pavement system designed to infiltrate stormwater. We’ve recently completed the study and are pleased to…  Read More

A Year In Summary – 2016

The end of a year naturally brings about a desire to reflect on what we as an organization have achieved, what’s made us pound our heads on our desks, and what’s inspired our passion to continue the work that we do. What I find myself wondering most is “when will our next batch of Christmas…  Read More

A Year in Summary

As I began thinking about a summary of our year at Metro Blooms, I started thinking about what excites me the most about my job.  At Metro Blooms, we couple field work with a big focus on education and community engagement.  This past year we were able to work on projects with some really amazing…  Read More

An Alley Blooms

An Alley Blooms  Finally, it was an alley’s time to shine. Blue Thumb recently hosted a tour of the first Blooming Alley in Minneapolis, a green project to redesign back alleys. The tour showed that narrow back lanes separating neighbors from one another can be reinvented as places that connect people and function to protect the environment. All it…  Read More