Metro Blooms Garden Evaluation And Awards

On November 7th, 2013 over 150 people gathered at the Columbia Manor in Northeast Minneapolis to recognize beautiful Minneapolis gardens, and the people that create them, at our annual Minneapolis Garden Awards event.  It was an awe-inspiring evening filled with stories of how many of these gardens came to be.  And just how did we…  Read More


Metro Blooms Garden Awards Event 2012

Kare 11

Volunteer with Metro Blooms on October 26

Fall Raingarden Maintenance

Well folks it’s time.  It seems to me like our spattering of 70 degree days are done for the year, which means you can trade in your lawn mower for a rake and don’t forget to wear your helmet when walking down the street, because those acorns hurt!  It’s also time to put your plants…  Read More

Neighborhood Of Raingarden Installations 2013

Throughout the summer and fall of 2013, Metro Blooms has been working hard with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa to install raingardens in five different neighborhoods in Minneapolis.  The projects were partnerships with neighborhood associations and community members as part of our Neighborhood of Raingardens program.  Some of these partnerships were new this…  Read More


Becky Rice talks about the Garden Party Fundraiser and Raingardens.


Bob Wolk talks about water runoff and raingardens

Warm Season Weeding

Weeds.  They can be daunting at times, especially when you’re looking at your garden or yard thinking, these can’t ALL be weeds, can they?! Weeds can be tricky to identify, so the first step is knowing what those common weeds look like.  Generally, weeds are split into two categories: cool season weeds, and warm season…  Read More

Summer Raingarden Maintenance

I hope you’ve been enjoying your time in the garden this summer and if you just haven’t had the time to do much maintenance yet (gasp!) it’s about time you get out there!  So here are a few tips for you when taking care of your garden for the remainder of the summer.  Don’t worry,…  Read More

East Calhoun Neighborhood Of Raingardens

Last weekend, 14 families in the East Calhoun neighborhood of Minneapolis spent some time getting dirty and helping out the environment.  What were they doing?  Planting their raingardens of course!  This is the first year that Metro Blooms and the East Calhoun Community Organization have partnered to bring raingardens to neighborhood residents, and we hope…  Read More

Blooming Schoolyards 2013

Many Metro Blooms supporters have not heard of Blooming Schoolyards, Metro Blooms’ K-12 outdoor classroom education program. And what a shame that is because I can tell you from experience that it is one of the most enjoyable programs I’ve had the opportunity to participate in as Metro Blooms’ GreenCorps member. Blooming Schoolyards has occurred…  Read More

Hopkins Patch

7th Annual Minnehaha Creek Cleanup Planned June 30th in Minneapolis

Oxeye Sunflower

Family:  Asteraceae Scientific Name: Heliopsis helianthoides A native perennial in Minnesota, most often found in full sunlight and dry to moderate soil conditions in prairies, roadsides, edges of fields and open woods.  It is a vigorously growing plant, and considered a weed by some. Watch for: Opposite leaves with coarsely serrated margins with leaf blades that vary…  Read More

Springtime Raingarden Maintenance

Now that the sun is finally beginning to shine a little longer and our days are getting a bit warmer (I said a bit, not a LOT warmer yet), we wanted to remind you of some simple spring time maintenance activities to help preserve the effectiveness and beauty of your raingarden.  You should try and…  Read More

Ohio Spiderwort

Family: Commelinaceae Scientific Name: Tradescantia ohiensis Native early summer perennial favoring slightly dry to moist habitats.  Often found along the south side of ditches, in prairies and in meadows. Watch for: Thick, round stem, about 2-4 feet tall with long, linear leaves up to 15″.  The flowers bloom from May-July, are light to blue violet and…  Read More

The History Of Lake Nokomis

This past Tuesday, myself, Mark Pedelty (a professor at the U of MN), and three of his students had the pleasure of learning about the history of Lake Nokomis from Steffanie Musich, President of Friends of Lake Nokomis, and Julia Vanatta with Wild Ones. I learned more about Lake Nokomis that day than I thought…  Read More

Raingardens And Beyond Workshops, Soon To Be At A Community Center Near You!

Schnazy new title, and some new information too. This year Metro Blooms’ classic Raingarden Workshops are doing just what the new title says…they’re going beyond the do-it-yourself approach to raingarden design and installation and covering topics such as simple healthy lawn care practices more in depth.  The information you’ll gain will be oh so helpful not…  Read More

Don’t Let Spring Melt The Erosion And Sediment Controls On Your Site

First published by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Erosion issues are at their worst in the spring with melting snow and lots of rain.  Before snow melt or rainfall, make sure all erosion and sediment controls on construction sites are in place and functional. Inspect and maintain: Silt fences Biorolls Mulch Erosion blankets Sediment basins…  Read More

Lake Nokomis Water Quality Survey

Metro Blooms has recently taken on its largest survey yet.  Throughout February we’ve been prepping, administering and entering oodles of data from our first ever KAP study  (KAP stands for knowledge, attitudes and practices).  The idea behind a KAP study is to survey a population, in this case 700 residents in the Lake Nokomis subwatershed,…  Read More

It’s In The Dirt! Bacteria In Soil May Make Us Happier, Smarter

This post was written by Naomi Sachs, a landscape designer and Founding Director of the Therapeutic Landscapes Network.    Many people talk about the restorative benefits of gardening and the reasons why it makes us feel good. Just being in nature is already therapeutic, but actively connecting with nature through gardening is value-added.  And why is that? All…  Read More


Family: Poaceae (Grasses) Scientific Name: Panicum virgatum Native warm season perennial grass favoring dry to moist habitats, especially along shores, but occurs naturally on prairies, oak and pine woodlands, and in marshes as well. Watch for: Coarse, tall grass up to 6.5 feet that grows in clumps and a beige inflorescence flower from July to…  Read More

Biography Of The Month

To kick off a new year of staff, board and volunteer biographies (that’s right volunteers, I’m coming for you next) I interviewed Bryan Pynn, Metro Blooms’ director of design and planning services.  He wasn’t super keen on the idea of having his life chronicled on our blog at first, but after some time spent reviewing…  Read More

End Of The Year Update

As the end of 2012 approaches Metro Blooms is looking back on some of the big moments we had this year.  As always we started the year out with a series of raingarden workshops throughout the metro area and Blooms Day, an educational event combined with a plant sale and garden awards.  Our Blooming Schoolyards…  Read More

Rock For Raingardens Re-Cap

Last Wednesday Metro Blooms’ Rock for Raingardens event took place at the Fine Line Cafe in downtown Minneapolis.  Metro Blooms board members and staff, friends of the bands, landscape design assistants and Metro Blooms supporters were all in attendance as Hypoxic Punks, Wild Cathedral and Postina entertained us with their upbeat and dance worthy music (and…  Read More

Rock For Raingardens

It’s that time of year again, you know, the time to dance, be entertained by good music and funny landscape architects and celebrate raingardens!  In other words, it’s time for Rock for Raingardens. Organized by Mark Pedelty, Metro Blooms enthusiast and member of the band Hypoxic Punks, Rock for Raingardens is only in its second…  Read More

St. Louis Park Patch

Grants in action: Resident becomes an active raingardener spreading the word. Watershed grants available for all income levels to install raingardens and kick stormwater pollution to the curb.