Hopkins Patch

7th Annual Minnehaha Creek Cleanup Planned June 30th in Minneapolis

Oxeye Sunflower

Family:  Asteraceae Scientific Name: Heliopsis helianthoides A native perennial in Minnesota, most often found in full sunlight and dry to moderate soil conditions in prairies, roadsides, edges of fields and open woods.…  Read More

Ohio Spiderwort

Family: Commelinaceae Scientific Name: Tradescantia ohiensis Native early summer perennial favoring slightly dry to moist habitats.  Often found along the south side of ditches, in prairies and in meadows. Watch for:…  Read More

The History Of Lake Nokomis

This past Tuesday, myself, Mark Pedelty (a professor at the U of MN), and three of his students had the pleasure of learning about the history of Lake Nokomis from…  Read More

Lake Nokomis Water Quality Survey

Metro Blooms has recently taken on its largest survey yet.  Throughout February we’ve been prepping, administering and entering oodles of data from our first ever KAP study  (KAP stands for…  Read More


Family: Poaceae (Grasses) Scientific Name: Panicum virgatum Native warm season perennial grass favoring dry to moist habitats, especially along shores, but occurs naturally on prairies, oak and pine woodlands, and…  Read More

Biography Of The Month

To kick off a new year of staff, board and volunteer biographies (that’s right volunteers, I’m coming for you next) I interviewed Bryan Pynn, Metro Blooms’ director of design and…  Read More

End Of The Year Update

As the end of 2012 approaches Metro Blooms is looking back on some of the big moments we had this year.  As always we started the year out with a…  Read More

Rock For Raingardens Re-Cap

Last Wednesday Metro Blooms’ Rock for Raingardens event took place at the Fine Line Cafe in downtown Minneapolis.  Metro Blooms board members and staff, friends of the bands, landscape design…  Read More

Rock For Raingardens

It’s that time of year again, you know, the time to dance, be entertained by good music and funny landscape architects and celebrate raingardens!  In other words, it’s time for…  Read More

St. Louis Park Patch

Grants in action: Resident becomes an active raingardener spreading the word. Watershed grants available for all income levels to install raingardens and kick stormwater pollution to the curb.

Biography Of The Month

Metro Blooms’ biography for the month of November (I know it’s really December, but only by three days!) is highlighting our executive director, Becky Rice.  Becky may be the only…  Read More

Blue Flag Iris

Family: Iridaceae Scientific Name: Iris versicolor Native emergent summer perennial favoring marshes, wet meadows, forested wetlands and shorelines. Watch for:  Large blue to blue-violet showy flowers from May to July.  Flowers often contain…  Read More

Garden Awards 2012

Metro Blooms hosted their annual Garden Awards last Thursday evening at Columbia Manor to recognize those who beautify our city and protect our environment with their gardens.  The awards were…  Read More

Hurricane Sandy Affects Water Quality

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy flood water has been contaminated with everything from raw sewage to floating debris to small ocean dwelling organisms.  You have to wonder, “where will…  Read More

Biography Of The Month

Metro Blooms has been thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice if the people we work with and outreach to knew us on a more personal level so we could really connect?”…  Read More

Wild Columbine

Family: Ranunculaceae (Buttercup family) Scientific Name: Aquilegia canadensis Native and hardy early spring perennial which favors a variety of habitats including dry or even low woodlands, meadows, roadsides, peat bogs and bluffs…  Read More

Star Tribune

Metro Blooms “Neighborhood of Raingardens” work in the Powderhorn neighborhood aided in getting Powderhorn Lake removed from the MPCA list of polluted waters!

A Visit To The Garden State

Sometimes it’s nice to see the flowers of another region. Nick, our MN GreenCorps member recently took a trip to New Jersey. Lucky enough, it was right when fields upon…  Read More

Compass Plant

Family: Asteraceae (Sunflower) Scientific Name: Silphium laciniatum Course, hairy perennial herb with large woody root stocks, 3 to 10 ft tall, usually with a single, unbranched stem. Likes open prairies, and roadsides in…  Read More

Culver’s Root

Family: Scrophulariaceae (Figwort) Scientific Name: Veronicastrum virginicum Native, colonizing wildflower from 3-6′ tall that grows in rich woods and moist prairies. Has a central taproot as well as underground running…  Read More

A Summer Of Garden Awards!

Mpls– It’s time for the Garden Awards! Nominations are being collected until August 6th: Anyone can nominate a garden on our nominations page. Everyone knows a garden or two they pass on…  Read More