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Laying out plants in a raingarden

Managing Stormwater With Neighborhood of Raingardens

This past summer, we teamed up with neighborhoods, cities, and the Conservation Corps of Minnesota & Iowa (CCM) to install raingardens in residents’ yards and teach them about sustainable landscaping practices along the way. These efforts were part of our Neighborhood of Raingardens program, which aims to make clean-water planting projects easier and more affordable…

“Raingarden Refresh” for Neighborhood of Raingardens 2021

Last summer was the first time we did a Neighborhood of Raingardens program in one community with a major focus on maintenance. The Sheridan Neighborhood Association in Minneapolis wanted to provide previous participants with guidance on caring for their raingardens. So we offered a “raingarden refresh” program. During a one-and-a-half-hour visit, we checked a participant’s…

Ryan Lake Neighborhood of Raingardens

This program was for installation of raingardens in the Ryan Lake Watershed in the Victory Neighborhood of North Minneapolis in 2013. Metro Blooms and the Victory Neighborhood Association identified sites…  Read More

Sheridan NORG

Sheridan Neighborhood of Raingardens

The Sheridan Neighborhood Organization and Metro Blooms have collaborated to provide raingardens to residents of the Sheridan neighborhood over several years, installing 31 raingardens in the neighborhood as of 2019.…  Read More

Tangletown NORG

Tangletown Neighborhood of Raingardens

Metro Blooms and the Tangletown Neighborhood Association worked together to engage residents and install five raingardens in the neighborhood in 2015. This collaboration will be continuing.

Nokomis Neighborhood of Raingardens

With funding from Hennepin County, the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association worked with Metro Blooms to bring raingardens to residents of the Nokomis East neighborhoods. Eighteen raingardens were installed in 2019…  Read More

Holland Neighborhood of Raingardens

In 2015, the Holland Neighborhood Association partnered with Metro Blooms to install seven raingardens in the neighborhood. Nine raingardens were installed at residences and one at a business within the…  Read More

Kenwood NORG

Kenwood Isles Neighborhood of Raingardens

In 2015 and 2017, Metro Blooms teamed up with the Kenwood Neighborhood Organization to install raingardens on private property in the Kenwood Isles neighborhood. Thirty-five raingardens were installed. Conservation Corps…  Read More

Linden Hills Neighborhood of Raingardens

The project focused on private property owners and involved a coordinated outreach effort, educational trainings, and the installation of raingardens in the Linden Hills Neighborhood of Minneapolis. In addition to…  Read More

Logan Park Neighborhood of Raingardens

Logan Park Neighborhood Association and Metro Blooms partnered to design and install 12 raingardens in the Logan Park neighborhood in 2018 and eight raingardens in 2019. Participants received a consultation…  Read More

Longfellow Neighborhood of Raingardens

In 2014, we partnered with the Longfellow Neighborhood Association for a Neighborhood of Raingardens, resulting in the installation of 10 raingardens. We led raingarden workshops and worked with the Conservation…  Read More

Minnetoga Neighborhood of Raingardens

With funding from Hennepin County and the City of Minnetonka, and in partnership with the Minnetoga Lake Association, this project targeted properties draining to Lake Minnetoga for the implementation of…  Read More

Bancroft NORG

Bancroft Neighborhood of Raingardens

The Bancroft Neighborhood Association and Metro Blooms teamed up in 2018 to help neighborhood residents install raingardens. Ten residents in Bancroft received a site consultation, design and raingarden installation. The…  Read More

Audubon NORG

Audubon Neighborhood of Raingardens

The Audubon Neighborhood Association and Metro Blooms have collaborated to provide raingardens to residents of the Audubon neighborhood since 2011, a long-time partnership that has resulted in more than 80…  Read More

Armatage NORG

Armatage Neighborhood of Raingardens

Metro Blooms worked with the Armatage Neighborhood Association to install 12 residential-scale raingardens in the neighborhood in the summer of 2018 to capture and infiltrate runoff, reduce pollution flowing to…  Read More

East Calhoun Neighborhood of Raingardens

This project was a partnership between the East Calhoun neighborhood organization (ECCO) and Metro Blooms to install raingardens on private property within the neighborhood. ECCO helped fund the program and…  Read More

Columbia Park Neighborhood of Raingardens

From 2014-2017, Metro Blooms collaborated with the Columbia Park Neighborhood Association to install raingardens for residents throughout the neighborhood. The Conservation Corps partnered with us to complete excavations. Residents planted,…  Read More

Bryant Neighborhood of Raingardens

The goal of this project was to provide an “Open Space Development Plan” taking into account the goals of the Bryant Neighborhood, including improving streetscapes and multi-modal transportation opportunities, providing…  Read More