We invite you to sponsor our work. You would be supporting more resilient landscapes that protect our natural bodies of water and our pollinators, and the people and communities working with us towards creating them. Depending on the sponsorship you choose, you would benefit from your brand presence on our websites, in our newsletter, at workshops and other events, and in social media callouts and blog posts.

Blue Thumb – Planting for Clean Water

Some sponsorship opportunities support Blue Thumb – Planting for Clean Water’‘s educational programming. Blue Thumb is a public/private partnership promoting practices that reduce runoff, improving water quality, and offers resources to help people achieve more ecologically functional landscapes. Blue Thumb is coordinated by Metro Blooms.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Resilient Yards Workshops

Blue Thumb marketing sponsorship. Every year more than 1,000 people attend these DIY workshop webinars focused on yard projects that take a more sustainable approach, e.g., with raingardens and native plantings. Our surveys show that more than 80 percent of participants act on what they learn. Connect to an audience interested in creating more resilient landscapes.

Sustainable Landcare Training

Blue Thumb program sponsorship. We provide quality training to youths and young adults in the care of raingardens and other resilient practices. We are also working towards diversity in environmental work. Your sponsorship supports training stipends and connecting participants to next-step career and education pathways. Let people know you support a future green economy workforce.

Capital Campaign

Metro Blooms sponsorship. Support us in making our home a place to grow, bloom and inspire. In 2020, we purchased our own building at 3747 Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis, providing us with space for our growing staff, events and a backyard that would reflect the work we do. Our capital campaign goal is to raise $400,000 for this effort. Sponsorship allows us to pay down our loans quickly, and put our resources where they make the biggest difference, in the communities we serve.

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If you have other ideas for sponsoring our work, or just want to talk sponsorship, please contact Executive Director Laura Scholl at laura@metroblooms.org.

Sponsor Spotlight

Sponsor Spotlight allow us to shine some light on our sponsors, like West Monroe, a  national digital and business consulting firm with a Minneapolis office. West Monroe, which sponsored our Sustainable Landcare Training program, supports organizations working to develop future leadership and access to opportunities.

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